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Supply Chain Sustainability Solutions for Medical Device OEMs

Due to a growing and aging population, the demand for medical devices is ever-increasing. Globaldata predicts the medical devices market ­­­will reach a worth of $700bn by 2030, and as the industry grows, there is a huge demand for supply management across the value chains of quality products.

During or in the advancement of a Public Health Emergency (PHE), medical device manufacturers are obligated to inform the FDA of discontinuances or interruptions in the manufacture of a specific device that is likely to lead to disruption in the supply of the respective device in the United States, including those that are critical to public health during a PHE. Notice section 506J(a) of the FD&C Act.

This is where regulatory commissions such as the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) comes to the scene to guarantee that all medical devices meet the appropriate regulatory compliance laws, ISO developed ISO 13485, an internationally approved standard that determinates all the conditions for manufacturing, the related supply chain standards and the quality management systems (QMS) required for medical device manufacturing.

Seisa manufacturing and supply chain processes fasten new product development and provide better customer value. Seisa offers medical device manufacturers interventions that improve operational efficiency and deliver better value to customers.

Go Further to Meet Your Requirements

Our supply chain experts are deeply integrated within the customer-focused team structure to ensure material management remains at the heart of operational planning. For medical device manufacturers, compliance needs industry-specific knowledge of regulations and the capability to communicate large amounts of data deep into supply chains. This requires that manufacturers pay significant time and resources to test their products, contact suppliers, and manage their data.

Prevent Risks in the Medical Device Supply Chain

With our industry-specific conditions, such as under the FDA and EU Medical Device Regulation (MDR), medical device manufacturers have several laws to comply with to achieve and maintain market permits.

Designing parts proactively, with the help of accurate data from deep in the supply chain and industry-top expertise, saves time and resources and keeps manufacturers ahead of threats.

Meeting Customers’ Expectations

Medical device manufacturers rely on accurate data from the market and Material Resource Planning (MRP) systems to ensure production and delivery on time. In Seisa Medical, our world-class MRP system works in line with customer forecasts to ensure that material management across the value chain is according to customer expectations. In addition, the Seisa operation is measured according to Key Performance Indicators oriented to supply products with superior quality and on time to our customers.

Explore Medical Supply Chain Sustainability Solutions

Seisa Medical solutions are purpose-built for challenging medical device manufacturing. We have a wide variety of services. To know more, please get in touch to design a custom solution for your project.

Product tracking and rapid real-time updates

Tracking and metrics, not only for our operations but also for our suppliers, keep our supply chain lean and reliable. We deliver advanced materials to the production lines in the right amount of time.

Our logistics capabilities

With a deep understanding of logistics in North America, Seisa Medical has become the perfect partner for manufacturing medical products at the U.S.-Mexico border and strategic locations on the East and West coasts of the US, constantly improving capabilities to meet the needs of the industry.

Simplicity and flexibility

Disciplined administration of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) assures early detection and prevention of any supply chain disruption. We observe lead time, availability, material obsolescence, prices, supply directions, and other variables to maximize supply chain benefit.

Supply Chain Optimization

Seisa provides a customized solution for your project. We manage all the supply chain elements for optimization, including inbound and outbound logistics, vertical integration, supplier selection, and vendor management. Speak to a Specialist

For more information regarding our supply chain solutions for medical devices, feel free to contact Seisa.


Supply Chain Solutions FAQ

Q. How can Seisa improve the safe delivery of products to customers?

A. The best way to do that is to plan the assembly and product packaging as a critical priority. This is not the place to cut corners or take shortcuts; in fact, our best bet is to assume the worst and package your products to ship with every precautionary step taken, and our logistics are available 24/7.

Q. Why is Seisa your Medical device Supplier?

A. We have an expert team with a proven logistics support system in place already set in the medical device industry. Our MRP and the logistics-supported system are coherent to fulfill clients’ needs.
  • Delivery Service – Delivery service, setup, and order instruction are included with all Durable Medical Equipment referrals.
  • Consultations – Our staff can meet with clients, or a referring party, to resolve issues regarding delivery services.

Q. What do we consider to be best practices when it comes to safe shipping? 

A. Use plastic banding and stretch wrap, as needed, to secure boxes to pallets. Fill “space” between pallets with dunnage bags filled with compressed air. More oversized items that don’t ship in boxes or on pallets should be created.

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