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Laser Machining, Cutting and Welding Capabilities

Seisa offers extensive medical device laser cutting expertise. We specialize in the design and manufacturing of a wide variety of finished medical devices, implantable devices and specialized components to restore health and save lives. We also specialize in metal stents, wire-formed components and finished devices such as implant delivery systems, catheters, advanced catheters and introducers. Seisa integrates established processes to ensure high quality medical devices and full regulatory compliance.

Fully embedded into the understanding of the product lifecycle, Seisa offers a proven vertically integrated design methodology and design controls for implantable devices, catheter-based devices and delivery systems. Also, our Seisa installed Rapid Design and Prototyping Center offers support to customers during the concept and prototyping phases.

Seisa is a trusted leader in laser machining, cutting and welding for medical devices. Our laser cutting machines provide many cutting and machining applications, especially when superior edge quality and high-volume production are required.

Laser Cutting Technologies

Laser technologies are a core competency of our company. Our laser systems are able to cut the most intricate geometries and tightest tolerance designs. We’ve outlined below the specifications involved in medical device laser cutting.

Precision Laser Cutting

  • Materials: Nitinol, cobalt chromium, stainless steel, tantalum, platinum/iridium and other exotic alloys.
  • Material formats: Tube, strip and sheet
  • Tube diameter range:0.01 to 1.0 inch
  • Wall thickness: 0.001 to 0.03 inch
  • Cut tolerance of +/- 0.0003 inch
  • Minimum kerf width: down to 0.0004 inch
  • Precision burr-free laser cutting
  • Efficient laser cut designs optimized for exceptional dimensional uniformity and edge quality

Laser Welding Expertise

Our laser welding processes provide accurate and reliable welding in the production of medical devices. Below are the types of welding we perform.

Laser CNC Welding Technologies

  • Weld characterization
  • Spot welding
  • Spot size down to 0.002”
  • Penetration welding
  • Seam welding
  • Rotational welding
  • Welding of similar/non-similar metals
    • Stainless to stainless, nitinol to nitinol, SS to platinum, nitinol to tantalum
  • Component assembly fixturing to hold dimensional tolerances

Implantable Laser Cut and Laser Welded Components

Seisa offers laser cutting for implantable medical device components and laser welded metals to meet your needs. For example, we offer laser cutting for neurovascular and coronary devices and large aortic stent grafts and valve components. We also provide laser cutting of nitinol, cobalt-chromium, stainless steel and other biocompatible metals.

Our state-of-the-art laser machining and world class finishing processes rival any in the industry.

Seisa provides a wide range of metal cutting capabilities and specialties in nitinol and novel alloys. We also have advanced art tube cutting precision equipment and decades of laser cutting and welding expertise. Seisa offers implantable devices like forming, shape setting, surface finishing and additional nitinol processing capabilities.

Our nitinol shape setting processing capability includes a wide range of laser-cut and wire-formed devices. We use innovative tooling with unique configurations and a process optimized for mechanical and thermomechanical behavior, rapid heating/cooling cycles and precision temperature control. In addition, our in-house tooling capabilities enable rapid prototyping iteration and development.

Seisa’s world-class surface finishing includes different process capabilities. Some of those include precision deburring, polishing and chemical etching operations, dry and wet honing, tumbling, mechanical surface finishing /micro blasting, electropolishing and chemical processing. We also offer complete removal of HAZ, corrosion and fatigue resistance and biocompatibility tests for medical devices.

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We offer nitinol wire-formed devices and specialize in forming and finishing for AAA / TAA stent-grafts and components. With semi-automated forming processes, we obtain tight tension control and consistent part shape and performance for our customers. Seisa offers in-house tooling design and manufacturing. We can make additional tooling sizes for any wire-formed Z stents.

Finished Device Systems

Seisa is uniquely positioned as one of the few medical device companies offering complete dock-to-stock finished device manufacturing for implant manufacturing, catheter/delivery system manufacturing, packaging and final labeling. We simplify your supply chain and get your products to market faster.

Our catheter system development process has produced top-of-the-line delivery systems since 2006 with specialties in coronary, peripheral and neuro implants. Our catheters are optimized for manufacturability and delivery performance. Our extensive capabilities include bonding, tipping, flaring, lamination reflow, balloon bonding, handling, catheter assembly, testing and packaging.

Our catheter system manufacturing offers Class 10,000 Cleanroom / ISO 7 from 2 FR to 20+ FR catheters with streamlined assembly processing. It’s supported by lean manufacturing and integrated quality control to verify every step in the manufacturing process.

Seisa provides end-to-end product design and contract manufacturing services for the medical industry using laser machining and welding technologies. Seisa guarantees highly personalized solutions backed by more than 35 years of medical device experience. Contact us to learn more about our laser machining services and how we can help create the perfect medical device for you.

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