Seisa is a medical device manufacturer servicing every stage of the product life cycle including design and development, component manufacturing, and final assembly. Seisa delivers with full regulatory compliance.

End-to-End Medical Manufacturing Solutions

At Seisa, we deliver completely customized solutions. We leave the choices up to you; we bring our team of experts and engineers to any stage of the process where you need support.

We draw on a team of 2,500 employees across four continents and more than 400,000 square feet of manufacturing space to deliver precisely what your business needs to serve end customers with confidence.

Seisa provides customized solutions, drawing on an optimized supply chain including inbound and outbound logistics, vertical integration, supplier selection, and vendor management.

About Seisa Medical

Seisa Medical is a global full-service contract manufacturer of Class II and Class III medical devices and specialty components, ranging from implantable stents and tubing sets to pediatric and orthopedic-care products. We serve customers through every stage of the product life cycle, including design and development, component manufacturing, final assembly, and packaging. Founded in 1983 with headquarters in El Paso, Texas, and manufacturing locations in North America and Europe, Seisa offers end-to-end turn-key solutions backed by full regulatory compliance with FDA registration and ISO 13485 compliant operations. We are a market leader in providing solutions for mission-critical precision components, medical equipment, and finished FDA-Class II and Class III medical devices. Our customers count on us to deliver their most challenging applications. Our team of experts can help in the design and manufacturing of disposable devices and a wide-range of specialty components.

Through acquisitions and investments, we have been able to vertically integrated each step in the manufacturing process, from prototype to production technologies. This enables us to provide high quality services across the supply chain, strategically marrying high volume and high value capabilities. At Seisa, we offer completely customized solutions to manufacture your medical devices and components.

We leave the choices to you, bringing our team of experts and engineers into any stage of the process to build the right combination of services to meet your needs. Backed by more than 35 years of medical device experience, Seisa prides itself in manufacturing high-quality devices that will positively impact lives.