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Medical Device Prototyping Manufacturer

Medical Device Prototyping Manufacturer

Services • Medical Device Prototyping & Manufacturing

With quick turnaround processes for rapid prototyping including 3-D printers, rapid mold generation, and in-house tooling capabilities, Seisa is able to produce prototypes and medical device and component samples quickly and efficiently from a variety of materials for rigorous and reliable in house testing.

Medical Prototyping
Capabilities & Services

Seisa Plastics offers medical device prototyping a 2–3-week turnaround, depending on design, complexity and material on-hand.

SEISA maintains mold and design engineers to support mold design and design for manufacturing.

Common material is on-hand for fast medical prototypes.

Medical Prototyping Capabilities and Services
examples of products

Examples of products:

Our broad range of medical device prototype offering includes:

  • Catheters – from single-use urology catheters, diagnostic, guiding sheaths, crossing catheters to stent delivery systems, SEISA has you covered.
  • Stents – rapid prototyping at our New Jersey facility.
  • Medical prototype molded parts
    • Quick turnaround aluminum mold for rapid prototyping – up to 1000 parts.
    • Quick turnaround soft steel molds for medium quantities (perfect for validated cardiovascular devices) up to 15,000 parts.
    • Hard Steel tool – perfect for high volumes, > 50,000.

Prototyping FAQs

What is medical device prototyping?

Medical device prototyping is an early sample, model, or release of a medical device built that shows the basics of what a product will look like, what the product will do, and how the product operates. In other words, medical device prototyping tests a design concept. The medical device prototyping incorporates design, engineering, and human factors intended to identify opportunities and challenges in the initial stages of medical device design development.

What are the different types of prototypes?

The medical device prototypes are divided into physical and analytical prototypes. The physical prototypes are a tangible approximation of the product while the analytical prototypes are mathematical models of the product or 3D CAD models. At the same time, the medical device prototypes are divided into focused and comprehensive prototypes. The focused prototypes implement one or few attributes of the product while the comprehensive prototypes implement many or all attributes of the product.

What should you look for in a medical prototype manufacturing company?

You should look for a medical prototype manufacturing company with the capability of producing rapid prototyping through 3D printing/additive manufacturing, CNC Machining, and Rapid Mold Tooling as well as the capacity to offer rapid manufacturing solutions to suit the needs of the medical device industry. Seisa Medical is a trusted medical prototype manufacturing company.

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