From Tuesday, February 7th, to Thursday, the 9th, the MD&M West 2023 was held in Anaheim, California. This event is one of the most significant gatherings for the global medical device industry, bringing together companies and experts to drive innovation and create growth opportunities.   

MD&M West 2023 provides an environment that fosters connectivity among leaders, engineers, and teams, enabling the creation of innovative solutions and driving advancements in the sector. This event generates opportunities for development, partnerships, and the design of new solutions that can improve the health-related industry. 

What is MD&M West?  

MD&M West is a trade fair where companies serving the medical device industry come together to connect, collaborate, and find ways to improve their products and solutions to save patients’ lives. It is a space where the industry’s future is envisioned through education and networking. 

MD&M West 2023 showcases the latest offerings from US and international companies related to medical equipment, surgical equipment, laboratory technologies, and medicine. The event brings together the entire medical device design community to trade in an environment that fosters interaction and inspiration. 

Seisa Medical at MD&M West 2023 

At Seisa Medical, we are committed to contributing and learning from our industry, participating in events like MD&M West 2023. In this edition, our team focused on promoting our services and capabilities in the medical industry. We aimed to demonstrate our commitment to innovation and establish essential connections with other manufacturers and potential clients.  

Being present at MD&M West allowed us to increase awareness of Seisa and our capabilities among those unfamiliar with us. This allowed us to create new possibilities for collaboration. 

Seisa Medical offerings at MD&M: 


What topics were covered at MD&M West 2023? 

Informa Market Engineering West (IME West) is a significant event where five trade shows – MD&M West, WestPack, ATX West, D&M West, and Plastec West – converge. It provides an incredible opportunity to understand current and future developments in the healthcare industry, and it is the largest advanced manufacturing event in North America that brings together the most influential views in the industry. 


This event showcases the latest medical technology, robotics, and design innovations, with over 1,400 suppliers and developments. IME West is a natural space for the creation of new solutions. 


IME West provides attendees with opportunities to stay at the forefront of the industry through collaborative spaces and educational sessions. This year’s event covered various interesting topics, including micro applications in medical devices, process improvements from conception to commercialization, and regulatory changes. 

Other topics focused on improving processes, such as sterilizing medical devices using chlorine dioxide gas or X-ray computed tomography to enhance the production of medical parts. 


As the spirit of this event is to connect with other companies, it is a necessary activity. Attending companies, like Seisa Medical, find links in this space that allow them to remain highly competitive.

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We are ready for the next edition. 

With years of experience exhibiting at this event, the 2023 edition was enriching, allowing us to continue making connections, promote our high-quality services, and improve our relationships with companies that already trust us. 

Thank you for attending. See you next year!