SEISA Plastics, a division of SEISA, focuses on two areas:

Injection Molding

SEISA Plastics’ injection molding division is a 24/7 operation that offers injection and insert molding capabilities to customers in a variety of industries, from electronic manufacturing to medical device manufacturing. SEISA Plastics’ continued success is the result of four key variables:

  • Capacity: SEISA Plastics has more than 40 injection molding machines that range from small tonnage (25 ton – 400 ton) to large tonnage (450 ton – 850 ton).
  • Mold qualification: SEISA Plastics conducts all necessary validation tasks such as IQ, OQ, and PPQ to set benchmarks and plan for potential improvements
  • Materials expertise: SEISA Plastics’ extensive experience with a variety of materials gives customers an added convenience and ensures quality and consistency
  • Vendor-managed inventory: SEISA Plastics has consistently lowered customers’ costs by managing their product supply levels, allowing them to lower their inventory levels and to increase their focus on their customers

Tooling Support Center

SEISA Plastics Tooling Support Center is anchored by a deeply knowledgeable engineering team at the helm of state-of-the-art tooling technology. The tooling support center is able to help customers in mold design, mold support, and in sourcing dependable molds. Additionally, the team also has capabilities in offering 3-D modeling and prototyping services to customers as extra support.

SEISA’s Shared Commitments to Customers

Regulatory-focused culture: FDA-registered, ISO-certified

Lean initiatives to drive savings and improvements

Scalability to meet any market demand

Seamless customer care communication