EL PASO, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Seisa Medical Inc., a full-service provider of integrated manufacturing and development services to the medical device industry, today announced that it has acquired Burpee Medsystems LLC, a leading manufacturer of stents and delivery devices.

“This acquisition demonstrates Seisa’s commitment to investing in vertical capabilities to create end-to-end solutions that deliver value to our customers” said Julio Chiu, founder
and CEO of Seisa Medical.

“The marriage between Seisa’s high-volume production of FDA Class II and Class III devices with Burpee Medsystems’ mastery in the manufacture of complex stents, delivery systems, and components will provide a scalable one-stop-shop for customers focused on the high-growth markets for implantable stents and their delivery systems.”

Burpee Medsystems was founded in 1998 by Janet and Steve Burpee, who leveraged their deep knowledge in design, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, and metallurgy to build Burpee Medsystems into a highly technical team of engineers and technicians with a strong reputation for quality and innovation in the development and production of stents and delivery systems. The team is highly skilled in laser machining, surface finishing, nitinol forming and shaping, and welding. The Burpee team also has deep, collective experience in formulating and implementing regulatory strategies and study designs to help guide customers along the path from concept to FDA approval.

Janet Burpee, CEO and co-founder of New Jersey-based Burpee MedSytems added, “We are thrilled to be joining Seisa as it gives Burpee Medsystems the global infrastructure we’ve been aiming for to expand our offerings and capabilities to the market.”

Janet and Steve Burpee will continue supporting the Burpee team in the short term and retain majority ownership of Tinker Med, LLC – an incubator and holding company previously wholly owned by Burpee Medsystems that counts Venarum Medical and Tractus Vascular among its assets.

Seisa funded the transaction through its $50 million senior secured credit facility with Sagard Credit Partners. “We are excited to welcome the Burpee team to Seisa,” said Chiu. “Together we offer not only a compelling offering for strategic outsourcing solutions in the medical device market, but also provide all our employees more opportunities globally as well.”

About Seisa Medical Inc:

Seisa Medical is a global full-service medical device manufacturer with more than three decades of experience and a Regulatory-focused culture (FDA-registered, ISO-certified). Seisa partners with leading medical device companies on projects ranging from concept to production and product evolution of FDA Class II and III devices. With multiple facilities in North America and Europe, Seisa’s more than 2,000 employees provide tailored solutions in molding, extrusion, device assembly, production scaling and packaging.