Turnkey Services

SEISA caters to its customers’ requirements from A to Z through its turnkey programs. These programs leverage SEISA’s economies of scale in procurement, its vertically-integrated operation, and its skilled workforce to deliver the convenience of per-piece pricing.

Additionally, the programs help SEISA customers focus on strengthening their market presence. In due course, customers seeking a solution to sustain their product’s development can look no further than SEISA’s own design and development team. SEISA turnkey programs can be organized into five areas:

Process Engineering

SEISA’s expertise in plant transfers guarantees a successful process in which the SEISA team will audit technical files, conduct process validation (IQ/OQ/PQ), create work instructions, and train and ramp up the production team.

Procurement and Supply Chain

The SEISA supply chain team has provided customers with large cost savings and unparalleled convenience through supplier quality management and robust incoming inspections.

End-to-End Production

The SEISA team handles production of the product from the manufacture of components, to kitting, to assembly and finally packaging. SEISA’s vertically-integrated operation means there are few limits to what SEISA can provide, from injection molding to assembly. SEISA’s capabilities can be seen here.

Logistics and Delivery

SEISA handles logistics regarding sterilization and delivery to customers’ distribution and/or specified sites.

Sustained Engineering

Customers’ are welcome to explore SEISA’s development services to explore ongoing sustained development of products or the development of a second-generation product.

SEISA’s Shared Commitments to Customers

Regulatory-focused culture: FDA-registered, ISO-certified

Lean initiatives to drive savings and improvements

Scalability to meet any market demand

Seamless customer care communication