The ramp up to volume manufacturing from development is complicated, but SEISA is dedicated to easing the process for its clients. SEISA’s integrated services are able to support at each crucial step.

In the DFM (Design for Manufacturability) stage — the most expensive stage in which to make design changes — SEISA offers guidance to make sure design specifications, materials choice, and process design and development are optimized for cost, quality, and manufacturing efficiency.

When possible, SEISA aims to use its growing rapid prototyping capabilities for extrusions, cathether shafts, and molded plastic parts in order to cut the time customers need to take their product into production.

SEISA’s immense manufacturing experience and infrastructure also means that it can guide a customer through pilot production to full-volume manufacturing.

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SEISA’s Shared Commitments to Customers

Regulatory-focused culture: FDA-registered, ISO-certified

Lean initiatives to drive savings and improvements

Scalability to meet any market demand

Seamless customer care communication