Case Study: Scalability

SEISA medical was challenged to increase production output of a customer’s Class III implantable by 50% within three months while sustaining quality levels; the product was labor intensive and required training for new employees before being certified operators; historical data showed more than 1,000 people would need to go through training before being filtered to the few hundred required

SEISA integrated different departments’ key personnel and established specific tasks and dates to accomplish the expected results with no delays and as planned. SEISA’s expertise in transfer, training and manufacturing of Class III devices was a key factor to succeeding.

The customer received the product according to the plan to meet their sales demand and customer satisfaction standards.

Case Study: Transfer & Turnkey


Customer required a legacy product transfer that also required production ramp-up. The products included sterile-single use devices for many surgical specialties, including urology, gynecology, and general surgery. The products required specialized expertise in conjunction with improved costs and yields.

SEISA formed a dedicated team to transfer products to Mexico. The team fielded expertise in transfers, process engineering, and manufacturing techniques in bonding, mechanical assembly, ultrasonic welding, and plastics processing.

The SEISA team finished the transfer plan within 3 months, 6 months sooner than customer’s expectation; SEISA continues to deliver a high-quality product on time and at a lower cost than the customer’s previous process.