SEISA was established in 1983 with the goal of leveraging the favorable economics of the U.S.-Mexico border region for the medical device industry’s manufacturing supply chain. SEISA’s growth has since been fueled by its dedication to bolstering customers’ abilities, quality, and capacities.

SEISA’s success in servicing its first – and still current – customer, a Fortune 500 medical device maker, set the foundation for SEISA’s expertise in GMP’s and FDA regulation. With each additional blue-chip medical device customer, SEISA has built expertise in handling large capacities, quick ramp-ups, and consistent quality.

Today SEISA is exclusively dedicated to the medical device industry. Since the early 2000s, SEISA has built a portfolio of expertise in manufacturing FDA Class I, II, and III products. In 2006, following the global success of various customers’ products, SEISA expanded to the Slovak Republic to offer additional European capacity for its customers.

SEISA has since vertically integrated through strategic acquisitions in molding, extrusion, and development services. As a result, SEISA today is committed and ready to continue partnering with customers to overcome any challenges they may have.